Roman Gladiator

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Roman Gladiator

Roman Gladiator

Code: BRM17
  • $85.00

The great Roman gladiators of the time, although slaves, were very well treated Fight the good Halloween fight in this Roman Gladiator Costume! Wear the ancient armor of the most brutal group of fighters since the Spartans! for the most part. They were fed well and received the best medical attention money could buy. After all, they were both warriors and entertainers for the Roman people. 

  Items Included

  • Tunic
  • Body Armor w/ Attached Cape
  • Shoulder Guard
  • Pair of Arm Bands
  • Pair of Wrist Guards
  • Pair of Shin Guards
  • Headband


Chest    122cm - 127cm   
Shirt Length 97cm
Tunic Length 86cm
    Cape Length     112cm



Chest     127cm - 137cm   
Shirt Length 98cm
Tunic Length 86cm
    Cape Length    114cm