Fiery Lil' Red

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Fiery Lil' Red

Fiery Lil' Red

Code: N67
  • $70.00

Next time you need to go to Granny's house, put on this Fiery Lil' Red Costume. You never know who you will meet on the way. Or at her house for that matter. The red of the costume will help you stand out so nothing happens to you. Don't forget your basket either. You don't want to show up to Granny's house empty handed. Besides you never know what you might need if you run into the wolf in the woods. He might just take some of your yummy cookies, and leave you alone. But then again, he might think you look better than any cookie ever could.

 Items Included

  • Dress
  • Hooded cape


    Chest       71cm - 81cm   
Waist71cm - 76cm