Fancy Witch

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12 - 14 Years old

Fancy Witch

  • $70.90

With this Fancy Witch Costume, you'll fit right in at the next witch's coven and be sure to be promoted to full-witch right away!

Items Included

  • Dress
  • Hat


1-2 Years Old

Bust 54cm
Waist 51cm
Height 90cm-100cm

2-4 Years Old

Bust 57cm
Waist 52cm
Height 105cm-115cm

5-7 Years Old

Bust 60cm
Waist 54cm
Height 115cm-125cm

8-10 Years Old

Bust 64cm
Waist 56cm
Height 125cm-135cm


11-12 Years Old

Bust 68cm
Waist 61cm
Height 135cm-145cm

12-14 Years Old

Bust 72cm
Waist 64cm
Height 145cm-155cm