Child Spiderman

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12 - 14 Years old

Child Spiderman

  • $110.90

This Child Spiderman costume is what you're looking for. Whether you need an Avengers costume for your little one to trick or treat in, or you just want your child to have epic adventures as Peter Parker.

 Items Included 

  • Jumpsuit
  • Mask


 1-2 Years Old 

Bust 58cm
Waist 50cm
Hips 60cm
Length 98cm
Height 90cm-100cm


 2-4 Years Old 


Bust 58cm
Waist 54cm
Hips 64cm
Length 105cm
Height 100cm-110cm


 5-7 Years Old 


Bust 66cm
Waist 58cm
Hips 68cm
Length 112cm
Height 110cm-120cm

 8-10 Years Old 

Bust 70cm
Waist 62cm
Hips 72cm
Length 121cm
Height 120cm-130cm

 11-12 Years Old 

Bust 58cm
Waist 54cm
Hips 78cm
Length 129cm
Height 130cm-140cm


 12-14 Years Old 


Bust 78cm
Waist 70cm
Hips 80cm
Length 137cm
Height 140cm-150cm