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Terms & Conditions


Clause 1        : All rentals are figured on a 3 day period from the day the  costume(s) and/or item(s) are rented out.

Clause 2        : All rentals are calculated whether costume(s) and/or item(s)   is/are used or not as long as taken out from the boutique.

Clause 3        : Additional rental will be charged for each late day returned at  the rental rate.

Clause 4        : The hirer shall keep the costume(s) and/or item(s) in good    condition as rented and is responsible for replacing any damage or   loss that may occur to them.

Clause 5        : No costume(s) and/or item(s) shall be altered without the written consent of ‘Costumes ‘N’ Parties’ hereinafter known as the owner.

Clause 6        : The amount charged to replace, repair or to do extra laundry is s  separate from the rental fee. The charge will be advised & determined by the owner.

Clause 7        : The owner shall be entitled to utilize the deposit towards   outstanding rental and/or the replacement of damaged  costumes(s) and/or to do extra laundry if required.

Clause 8        : All  Rental(s) will be forfeited if the contract is/are cancelled.